xDMS Win32 Build


"xDMS is a tool for decompressing Amiga DMS files. DMS files contain disk images that are these days mainly useful for Amiga emulation."

DMS was popular because many 880k disks could be compressed to under 720k and copied to the PC using CrossDOS without the need to split and join them.

Unfortunately early versions had bugs with HEAVY2 compression. I had about 10 disks out of 200 with errors. Data streams could be corrupted and 3 disks I had had missing boot sectors. It is better these days to use ADF format so it is handy to convert DMS disk images to ADF.

Win32 Build

The author of xDMS provides the source code and an Amiga build but that's a bit slow even using WinUAE and mapping a drive to a PC folder still takes longer than a native Windows build.

xDMS has been around for a very long time and early versions even included a 16-bit DOS build including CWSDPMI.EXE (CWS DOS Protected Mode Interface) which is now incompatible with Windows 10. The 32-bit build is essential for Windows 10 and higher.

I can't remember how I obtained this version. It contains a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Project linking to the source code. I can't remember if the author had it available for a while and then withdrew it or if it came from an Amiga Forum.


You can download the source code and executable here:

xdms.zip (contains .exe) (22k)
xdms-1.3.3.zip (63k)


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